Chessable welcomes Dr. Alexey Root

Introducing Alexey Root, Chessable’s new Chief Science Officer

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Chessable is pleased to introduce Dr. Alexey Root, our new Chief Science Officer (CSO) for Chessable. In the words of Chessable CEO Geert Van der Velde, “We’re thrilled to have Dr. Alexey Root join the Chessable team as our new Chief Science Officer. Dr. Root came highly recommended by her predecessor Professor Barry Hymer. We are very thankful for Professor Hymer’s contributions to our research department and very much look forward to working with Dr. Root in the future.”

Her CSO predecessor, Barry Hymer, featured a smothered mate pattern in his last Chessable blog post; as such, we feature a smothered mate-themed win of her own against Julie Wilson.